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Testimonial One

Daragh / Cormac,

I would like to say, you provided me a great service and I am so appreciative of your welcoming manner and the fact that you arrived and fixed what could have been an awful financial disaster for us so quickly.

Thank You. I would recommend to anyone.

Monica (Navan, Meath)

Testimonial Two - you guys rock.

What a stupid mistake by my brother in my fairly new-ish car but your machine and your service saved the day.

Thanks Derek (and the wrongfuel team).

Liam (Clondalkin, Dublin)

Testimonial Three

Derek / Daragh,

Thanks for making me feel better. I mean 5euros worth would mean something but the fact that I filled a whole tank and then expected to drive home with it in the car and it was the wrong fuel makes me feel thick. To think others do it also, makes the pain less for me. I did think like I was stupid but you came and solved the issue and left professionally.

Thank you. Aine (Rathgar, Dublin)

Testimonial Four


I only had to wait 40 minutes feeling like a fool. When you arrived and explained that you had done this twice yourself made me feel much better. So after a short wait I was on my way and was able to laugh at myself almost immediately

Lisa (Clonee, Meath)

Testimonial Five


A swift and reliable service, hopefully I can refrain from making the same mistake again however I will not hesitate to call you if I do.

Gerald (Balbriggan, Dublin)

Testimonial Six


With 2 small kids in the car filling up with the wrong fuel was an absolute nightmare. Thank you for such a quick response and fast recovery.

Sonya (Trim, Meath)

Testimonial Seven


Half past 11 on a Friday night and I had just filled my tank with the wrong fuel. I thought I would have to walk home and call the garage in the morning but little more than an hour later I was on the road again.

Mary (Dunshaughlin, Meath)