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Our Machine

(Our equipment is the latest mobile wrong fuel removal pump which is ATEX* approved. The tank, With a 330 litre capacity, is road legal and UN certified for transporting petrol. We have a full range of tools for easy connectivity to all makes and vehicle models.)

*Directive 94/9/EC on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)


We are an Irish, family run company who have provided this service in our local community for many years. The reasons behind our expansion came after reading a Daily Mail article, which led our curiosity to look into, the cost paid by motorists after pumping the wrong fuel into their cars. The article was called 'Fleeced drivers who fill up with the wrong fuel are being charged up to 5,000'.

The article said that filling up with the wrong fuel is a 'notoriously expensive mistake'. Having provided this service locally to friends and family over the years we decided to look into a new and environmentally safe way to drain and flush out a car after the wrong fuel has been added. By doing this we have made it less notorious and a more reasonably priced mistake.

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Our Aim

We use the latest state of the art equipment and our specialists will safely drain, flush and refuel your vehicle on site where motorists have mistakenly put the wrong fuel into their tanks whether petrol into a diesel vehicle or diesel into a petrol vehicle.'s service is provided 24 x 7. We are located on the Dublin/Meath border and will travel to all areas within a 80 mile distance. All other areas will be accommodated by us, but could be subject to an additional charge for travelling. We try and be with most motorists within 60 minutes.

Our Standard Call Out Charge is 200euro(Plus VAT). We Accept Credit Cards.